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Board Committees

Standing Committees

Legislative/Economic Development
Chairperson:  Tom O'Brien
This committee will work with elected officials on community, state and federal issues of concern to small business as well as on community economic development issues. The committee will also work with local businesses and leaders on business promotion, economic development issues, business recruitment and retention. This committee also provides information from many political points of view and encourages members to become well informed on candidates and issues.  


Shop Local Campaign
Chairperson: Mallory Jackson
This committee plans and coordinates a shop local campaign (Shop SK) for the Port Orchard/South Kitsap community and the Port Orchard Chamber. Additionally, it coordinates with the Port Orchard Independent to plan the yearly Chamber's Business Showcase and the Best of SK Program.

Member Services
Co-Chairperson: Kathy Michael & Jay Seaton          
This committee reviews the benefits of membership and helps keep up to date the understanding of new and long standing members. The development of retention strategies and new member recruitment are the key focuses of this committee. Maintain contact and communication with members through various means including personal contact. Works with the chamber staff to develops programs for luncheons, breakfast meetings, seminars, conferences and special workshops that will address members needs and coordinates new member orientations--Casting for Connections (member recruitment) This committee also Coordinates the Chamber Sponsorship Program.

The Chamber Ambassador program is also under the Members Services committee.


Military Affairs
Chairperson:  Debbie Doll
Demonstrates support for our vast military community and their families,  developing strong business relationships within the Armed Forces.

Special Projects/Tourism
Chairperson: Desiree Steffens                                
The Special Projects Committee develops, implements, and oversees specific Chamber projects that generate non-dues revenue for the chamber, including special events such as the Installation Banquet and the Seagull Calling Festival. This committee is responsible for marketing events to the community in a manner that will attract people and businesses to the South Kitsap area, which often means producing marketing materials, coordinating with local tourism groups, and reaching out to committees in other areas.

Golf Tournament
Co- Chairpersons: Rich Peterson and Lance Fong
This committee is responsible for coordinating an annual golf tournament, the point of which is to encourage camradrie and build community relations. The tournament is a major fund raiser for the chamber, so marketing, sponsorships, player recruitment, and public relations are all part of this committee.

Kitsap Young Professionals
Chairperson: Elena Lightbown
This committee works to encourage and introduce young professionals (ages 21-40) to the importance of a strong local chamber, networking and giving back to the community through volunteerism. It also serves to mentor young professionals, develop specific events, and create volunteer opportunities that will encourage business growth and community participation.

Education Committee:
Chairperson: Tom O'Brien
This committee considers educational needs and programs within the community for students and/or community members that will promote business development, assist the chamber, and produce students who are plugged into their community's needs.


Special/Limited Term Committees

The Executive Committee considers work and management of the Chamber organization including budget, finances, tax laws, accounting procedures, strategic planning, recruitment and hiring of the Executive Director position, an annual review of the Executive Director, and various other duties prescribed by the Board.

The By-laws Committee will review and make recommendations for changes, deletions, or additions to the by-laws as necessary.                                                                                                                   

Nominating Committee:
Chairperson: Immediate Past President
The Nominating committee will have responsibility for the yearly nominating process for positions to the Port Orchard Chamber Board of Director’s and Board of Director Officer positions as well as the election process, and ballots.  The Nominating Committee will also make any recommendations for board terms that can not be fulfilled.

Policies & Procedures Committee:
This committee will update and enhance organizational, personnel and financial policies and procedures for the chamber, including assuring that the Chamber and Board has implemented all necessary documents and procedures for the protection of staff, board members staff and members


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